for U.S. Senate

        Since I was a child, I have heard folks say,
              "I don't like either of these candidates, so...
                       I am voting for the lesser of two evils."
        The thing is...
             if you are voting for the lesser of two evils,
                      then... you are voting FOR evil...
                and...when you willingly vote for evil, you get...
                                well...what we have.
   The two major parties rule by fear.  They have convinced the
   American voter that their vote would be "wasted" if they were
   to vote for some "other" party.   Really...?!!
   How much more wasted could any vote BE
         than to be cast, yet  ag ain for the TWO parties
                  that have given us $20 Trillion in debt
                           and over-reaching federal tyranny...!
                      There ARE actual solutions!  There IS hope!  
                             ...but only if we REJECT the political professionals,
                                         the elite ruling class that uses big money to
                                                  stifle all competition at the ballot box!
  FRED has the best solution you've never heard for
                                 Tax Reform
  FRED has the best solution you've never heard for
                            Illeg al Immig ration
  FRED has the best plan for closing
                the income gap for American workers,
                            restoring the middle class ,
                                        and helping small business!
  FRED has the best plan for ending the
                terrorism of radical Islamic J ihad!
      Be DONE with the EVIL of voting
                            for the lesser of two evils!
                   Vote For FRED!

The Ryman For Senate campaign
is a "SOLUTIONS-ORIENTED" campaign.
Vote FOR real solutions on:      
    - Tax Reform
    - Terrorism
    - National Debt
    - Economy & Jobs
    - Fair Wages
    - Trade 

  20 Trillion Dollars!
Enough is ENOUGH is ENOUGH !
BOTH parties have voted for this debt!
BOTH parties have continued to spend!
BOTH parties have sold us into
                                    economic slavery!
Even Senator Blunt, voted for the 2015
Omnibus after voters gave Republicans
both Houses of Congress.  So...
If YOU continue to vote for EITHER of the 2 major parties, then YOU are what's wrong with Washington.  On some level, you know this is true, and...
ONLY YOU can change Washington.  
ONLY YOU can change the downward
                  spiral of this nation.  
ONLY YOU can change the way YOU vote!
.                                                                               .
                   Vote for SOLUTIONS!
                                         Vote for FREEDOM!
           Vote  FOR  FRED!
- Illegal Immigration
- 2nd Amendment Right
- Affordable Health Care
- Abortion / Harvesting
- Environmental Issues

- Eminent Domain & WOTUS
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There was a time when this was
                   "the land of the free and the home of the brave."
But we have become less and less "the land of the free" as we have become less and less "the home of the brave".  We still sing about it at ball games but we no longer have the courage to vote according to our convictions.  I'm not sure we even remember what it's like to be free. We are increasingly oppressed by...
   - enslavement to a crushing national debt,
   - a loss of private property rights through eminent domain abuses,
   - a tax code (used as a social tool) that is virtually incomprehensible,
   - an election process that is completely corrupted by "big money", 

   - court justices who believe they have the power to legislate,
   - presidents/kings who believe they can rule by edict,
   - unelected bureaucrats who think their rules have the force of law,
   - a Congress who yields the power of creating law to the courts, the
              President and his bureaucracy, yet usurps the powers that are
              constitutionally reserved to the states.
   - and on and on...and on!
A President cannot create law through executive order nor through bureaucratic regulations; neither can he choose which laws to enforce. He must implement and enforce all laws passed by Congress and the Congress must reserve final authority to validate any regulation.
The courts can rule that a law is unconstitutional, but that ruling does not create a new law.  For example, if a state DOMA law (Defense of Marriage Act) is ruled unconstitutional, this does not automatically make gay marriage legal.  The courts cannot thusly create new laws; they can only invalidate unconstitutional laws.
Even Congress seems incapable of seeing the constitutional limits of its powers, usurping powers reserved to the states on a fairly regular basis.  Nor can they stop spending OUR hard-earned they put money into the pockets of those who invested in their campaigns.
The corrupt 2-party system is simply not serving this nation. Indeed, they have become completely subversive of the Constitution they swore to defend...yet they remain in power.  Why?  Congress' approval rating remains at 14%, yet they remain in power.  Why?  Even with both houses of Congress (thanks to the votes of conservatives), Republicans passed another huge deficit-spending omnibus bill and have further enslaved us to our ever-growing national debt, yet they remain in power.  Why?  Because neither party has any fear of accountability in our 2-party system.  But... We don't REALLY HAVE a 2-party system.

American voters have completely lost their courage.  We have become "afraid"...
       "afraid" of "wasting" our votes...
                "afraid" of "handing the election" to some opposition party. But...  IF, in our anger, we can find the courage to vote according to our convictions, our bravery WILL set us free once again!
Yes, I am asking for your vote in this race for the U.S. Senate, but I am asking for more than your vote.  I'm asking Missouri to show me some  "Show me" courage!
I'm asking you to stand up to the elitists in Washington who tell us the way it HAS to be, and help me show Missouri the way it CAN be... the way it OUGHT to be!  
Missouri voters can show the nation that "We are DONE with their two-party scare tactics!  We WILL VOTE OUR CONSCIENCE!"
Help me SPREAD the COURAGE!!!   Support the Ryman for Senate campaign with your voice, with your finances, and with your vote...

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