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           Missouri Believes!
Missouri believes in Freedom!
Missouri believes in the Sanctity of Life!
Missouri believes in Family (and family values)!
Missouri believes in Free Enterprise (NOT socialism)!
Missouri believes in the Constitution of the United States!
Missouri believes in Missourians taking care of Missourians!
           Missouri believes that Washington is broken!
and… Missouri believes that Washington is breaking America!
               Missouri BELIEVES!
                       I believe in Missouri
                              . . . and in Missourians!
                  Send a little bit of Missouri common sense to D.C.!
                               Vote  For  FRED!

The Ryman For Senate campaign
is a "SOLUTIONS-ORIENTED" campaign.
Vote FOR real solutions on:      
    - Tax Reform
    - Terrorism
    - National Debt
    - Economy & Jobs
    - Subversion
    - Trade 

  20 Trillion Dollars!
 Enough is ENOUGH is ENOUGH !
Missouri can change the face of politics in America by electing a Senator with one unique quality...the courage to say "No!"
No more spending beyond our means!
No more wasting tax payers' money!
No more funding private organizations!
No more hand-outs to corporations!
If Dems want to fund Planned Parenthood, or any other private organization, they can pull money out of their own pocket and do so.  No one has the right to pull money out of our pockets to fund other organizations.
If Dems want to fund some corporation, they can buy stock in that company with their own money and share in that company's profits (or losses); remember Solyndra.  No one has the right to steal our hard-earned money to line the pockets of corporate executives.
ONLY YOU can send McCaskill home.  
ONLY YOU can change the debt spiral
                              of this nation.  
ONLY YOU can send a "NO" vote to even
                              more deficit spending!
          Vote  FOR  FRED!
- Illegal Immigration

- 2nd Amendment Rights

- Affordable Health Care

- Abortion / Harvesting

- Environmental Issues

- Eminent Domain & WOTUS
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Missouri believes in Freedom!

          Most Missourians just want to be left alone…to live our lives and run our businesses…without the oppression of bureaucratic tyranny from D.C.  There are old-fashioned words for that!  It’s called “FREEDOM” and “LIBERTY” and “INDEPENDENCE”!  Our children have never really seen a “free America” and if we don’t dismantle the ever-growing intrusive bureaucracy, they never will.  McCaskill votes for the tyranny of bigger government every time.  I will vote against every single bill that increases overall funding for federal agencies.  I will fight to de-fund federal agencies that usurp the role of Congress, creating new “law” in the form of new rules and regulations.

Missouri believes in the Sanctity of Life!

          Most Missourians believe that killing an innocent living human being is, indeed, murder.  We do not accept the slaughter of the innocent unborn as a form of birth control, nor do we want to be forced to fund the private abortion industry with our tax dollars.  Much of McCaskill’s campaign war chest was donated by proponents of the abortion industry.  I will vote against every single bill that seeks to use tax money to fund Planned Parenthood and will fight to end the murder of unborn innocents in America.

Missouri believes in Family (and family values)!

          Most Missourians believe that God and family are at the core of society and that both have been under direct attack for the past generation.  We do not believe “it takes a village”; that notion has its roots in Communist philosophy with “state care”, cradle to grave.  We believe it takes a family!  Missouri believes in the freedom to pass our family’s values down to our children without having those teachings undermined by change agents in the schools or bureaucrats in D.C.  McCaskill’s party seeks to strip away our very culture through indoctrination, posing as education.  I would fight to return all funding (and thus, control) of our schools to the state and local level and I would work to keep the federal government out of the social engineering business.

Missouri believes in Free Enterprise (NOT socialism)!

          Most Missourians believe that the supply and demand of the free market should determine prices and wages, not some federal bureaucrat.  We understand that socialism is just another word for economic slavery.  Missourians recognize that the federal government is actually fighting against small businesses, using over-reaching regulation to stifle and oppress the entrepreneurial spirit that helped make America great.  McCaskill continues to fund and grow big government which is compelled to create and enforce rules in order to justify its existence.  I would fight to ban all forms of socialism not specifically addressed by our Constitution, including socialized medicine.

Missouri believes in the U. S. Constitution!

          Most Missourians believe that we should make America great again!  But…you can’t make America great again unless you understand what made America great in the first place.  The Constitution of the United States is what makes America unique in this world!  Almost every abuse in our federal government flows from some subversion of our Constitution…a subversion orchestrated by those supposedly sworn to uphold and defend that Constitution.  McCaskill fights for her “party”, a party which wants to make America more like the failing European union.  She shows complete disdain for the intent of our founding fathers as expressed in the Constitution.  I will support and defend our Constitution and call for action against those who do not fulfill their oath of office, including rogue justices.  Missourians shall uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and especially domestic!

Missouri believes in Missourians taking care of Missourians!

          Most Missourians believe that community is about being a good neighbor, a good friend, and a good citizen.  When we care for others, that should be our choice, our generosity…not some dictate from D.C. paid for with our tax dollars.  We don’t need federal tax code forcing us to supplement what is, in some cases, the irresponsible lifestyles of others.  Indeed, we do not want or need any interference from Washington in our daily lives.  The job of a U.S. Senator is to represent the interests of the State, to fight for States’ Rights, to restrain or even roll back the tyranny of an over-reaching federal government.  Help me tell Claire that Washington is supposed to protect our freedoms, not daily dictate our every decision!

and… Missouri believes that Washington is broken!

          Money and corruption have rendered our Senators and Representatives ineffective.  I support term limits and, if Congress will not impose term limits upon itself, I will support a Convention of States solution to impose term limits upon the federal political machine.

            Missouri BELIEVES!
      and I believe in Missourians!

       Send a little bit of Missouri common sense to D.C.!
             Vote  for  FRED!

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