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Meet  FRED

Fred Ryman grew up on the South Texas coast where
his first job was as a mechanic at age 14.  At age 24,
he and his father started a vending type business,
which he continued operating for about 10 years
while putting himself through college. 
   ​                                           Fred graduated with highest honors (summa
                                             cum laude) with a B.S. in Mathematics from
                                             Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.  After
                                             serving as a high school Math and Computer
                                             Science teacher and coaching varsity soccer
                                for several years, Fred returned to college a second
                                time, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and
                                earned his second degree, a B.A.
                                 in Theology from Howard Payne.
For about 10 years, he served as a Pastor, nearly 6
of those years near Joplin, MO.  He left the ministry
in 2008 and joined the cast of “Noah: the Musical”
at Sight & Sound Theater in Branson as a singer/actor.
Fred moved to Jefferson City in 2009 as a Trainer for the

State of Missouri, teaching leadership, communication, organization, ethics, delegation, negotiation, and so on throughout the state of Missouri.  Fred is currently an Assistant Sales Manager in Columbia, MO. 
In costume for the Renaissance Festival in Wentzville...
At the keyboards...
singing and 
     "It's no secret that Washington is broken.  Claire McCaskill has been part of the problem with partisanship so strident that she could not even break free from party loyalties to confirm Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court Justice.  With much of her support having come from the abortion industry, McCaskill is clearly out of touch with most of Missouri.  But as election time approaches, all of a sudden, she tries to appear more visible.  We need a voice in D.C., one that ALWAYS speaks for the people and for the State of Missouri, NOT for the liberal East Coast / West Coast crowd that ignores America's heartland and America's constitutional heritage!"
     "I am the face of middle America, and I feel compelled to give Missouri a VOICE in D.C.!  I humbly ask for your vote and for the honor and responsibility of being your voice in D.C.”
                                                                         Fred Ryman